Triad woman short $2,500 after a bad bathroom job

When the first contractor quit Rhonda Lemons should have known this would become a problem. Several weeks later a giant puddle of water confirmed there was.

MADISON, N.C. — Rhonda Lemons was looking to renovate part of her home. One of the areas she wanted to modernize was the bathroom in the main bedroom.

Lemons hired a company and sent a contractor to start the remodel. Lemons had worked with the company before and everything was great, however, this time things didn’t go as well.

“The guy that started the job quit in the middle of it,” she said.

After reaching out to the company, a new contractor and crew were brought in to finish the job.

“I was thrilled with them. They were very good workers. Very attentive, perfectionists, everything was great,” Lemons said.

The remodel was finished a few weeks later, everything seemed fine. The bathroom looked great, and she was happy.

One day a little while later, Lemons was taking a shower and when she got out, she noticed the water had puddled up the floor. Upon further inspection, it was also in the bedroom.

Lemons would later learn that the initial contractor didn’t properly install the drain in the shower. Water had been leaking for several weeks. She knew it had gotten bad when she saw water all over.

“He was not a plumber, but he was (doing plumbing work) and it was not satisfactory,” Lemons said.

She contacted the company about covering the repair and the damage to the floor. Lemons said she didn’t hear back immediately and was then sent a text about the work that needed to be done. She said the owner asked for a quote for the repairs.

“I sent him a text and said so, you are going to pay somebody else to fix the job,” Lemons said. “I never heard back from him after that.”

She was forced to contact her insurance company to repair the shower and floors. Her insurance did cover the cost of the repairs, but Lemons had a $2,500 deductible.

It was around then that Lemons reached out to News 2 for some help in the matter. After discussing the matter with Lemons, we contacted the company. It took some back and forth along with a few calls, but they eventually agreed to provide their insurance information to Lemons’ insurance.

The claim was able to be processed through the company’s insurance which meant she did not have to have a claim on her policy and was able to get her $2,500 deductible back.

“I thank you for that,” Lemons said. “I really appreciate it.”