Should living room furniture match? Designers offer a verdict

Have you ever wondered why living rooms are called living rooms? Most people spend the bulk of their time in the living room, second only to the kitchen. A space to relax and entertain, it’s at the heart of life in the modern home, so you don’t need me to spell out why this space demands such special attention.

Matching furniture sets don’t have the same prestige as they once did, or do they? Everything we see is constantly evolving, so perhaps furniture suites have evolved so that we no longer recognize them as such. The boom of big high street and online retailers, like Ikea, Target, and Wayfair, make furnishing our homes a breeze. With everything you need under one roof, you don’t have to look far to fill your space with the latest interior trends. We might not be knowingly buying furniture in a matching set, but I’d argue the likes of Ikea’s carefully procured living room gallery are a (not-so-subtle) nod in the same direction.