Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling Offers Their Professional Advice on How to Maximize Your Bathroom Space

new bathroom remodel for a Rhode Island home

new bathroom remodel for a Rhode Island home

Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling, consistently rated as the leading remodeling contractor in the state, offers homeowners advice on maximizing bathroom space!

WEST WARWICK, RI, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The owners of Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling are offering their professional advice to area homeowners on how to maximize bathroom space, with or without renovations. “Adding storage and room for foot traffic is a major concern of most homeowners utilizing our services,” they state. “Consequently, it’s often helpful to consider how to make the most of the space you have before assuming a renovation is in order.”

With this in mind, where do homeowners start with maximizing their bathroom space? “The first step is to look for unused spaces in existing storage areas. For example, can you add more shelves in the linen closet? Most homeowners don’t stack their items all the way to the shelf above. Consequently, you might add more shelves between existing shelves, expanding the storage area.”

The owners of Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling also note that simple, cheap organizers can provide added storage space in the bathroom. “Invest in some drawer organizers and racks for the linen closet. These offer lots of added storage in spaces already in the bathroom.”

Additionally, they note that homeowners often tend to overlook spaces that they can use for storage. “Over-the-door hooks are excellent for creating spaces where you can hang towels, robes, or clothes bags. You can also install hooks and rings on empty walls.” There are even more spaces where homeowners might add storage, they note. “A shelf over the bathroom door might be used for storing linens, or you can slide a basket there to hold smaller items. It’s also surprising how many people don’t use the wall space above a toilet for shelves. Of course, you want to keep them small so they’re out of the way but they’re perfect for storing washcloths or jars to hold cotton balls and other materials.”

Knocking back a space in a wall is also an excellent choice for adding storage if you have basic carpentry skills. “Knocking back a wall means cutting out a section of the drywall between two wall studs. Then, you add horizontal studs and frame the space with drywall to create recessed shelving. That spot is perfect for jars, small linens, baskets to hold your items, and the like.”

While these changes can mean added storage, the owners of Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling note that sometimes a new bathroom remodel in RI is best. “Even with the best planning, a small bathroom especially can only offer so much storage space.” They note that they can often work wonders even with a small bathroom remodel for RI homes. “We often rework the bathroom and an adjoining room or hallway,” they note. “We can relocate a wall so we have room for a new or expanded linen closet. Our crew can also rework the bathroom, so there’s room for an enlarged vanity, offering lots of storage under the sink.”

The team at Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling also considers storage in the shower when planning new designs for clients. “Knocking back a wall in the shower means added storage for personal items, without reducing the shower size itself. We can also remove the tub completely and build a walk-in shower. A custom shower allows us to use some of that space for shelving or other needed storage.”

Custom shelving and storage are also excellent solutions for any bathroom, they suggest. “Our team is happy to come up with a personalized design for your space, based on your needs. That new design can include adding shelves with custom storage options, or we might remove walls and even relocate bathroom fixtures. We can work wonders with even the smallest space and most demanding homeowner!”

The crew at Rhode Island Bathroom Remodeling encourages area homeowners to call for their consultation and design quote, but note that appointments are booking up fast. Their physical address is located at 152 Washington St., West Warwick, RI 02893. Homeowners should visit their website and fill out a contact form or call them to find out more about bathroom renovations for Rhode Island homes.

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