Parachute Home Launches Living Room Furniture Collection on the Heels of Their Bed Frame Success

After eight years of transforming our bedrooms and bathrooms, Parachute Home is now launching a 15-piece living room collection. This release marks the brand’s first foray into the world of furniture beyond the bedroom. The Los Angeles–based home brand found success last year with its inaugural furniture line of upholstered bed frames, wooden nightstands, and sculptural benches, so broadening its offerings to include sink-right-in sofas, statement coffee tables, and lamps was an obvious next step.

When founder and CEO Ariel Kaye introduced Parachute to the world back in 2014, her goal was to create superlative bedding—but she always had bigger aspirations. “We’ve really had an eye on the whole home since the beginning,” she explains. “But our approach has been to move slowly and be very deliberate and thoughtful in terms of how we’ve expanded our assortment.”

Parachute immediately won over shoppers with its California-cool aesthetic and sustainable ethos, so the lovers of its linens were eager to purchase its equally breezy bedroom furniture. Since the new seating, tables, and lighting are all grounded in the same contemporary-cozy vibe and eco-friendly materials, they’re all but guaranteed to fly off the proverbial shelves.

As Ariel and the Parachute team meticulously developed the collection, their objective was to design a body of timeless foundational pieces that work in any setting. Inspired by modern lines and subtle curves, they wanted to combine midcentury Danish sensibilities with West Coast style. “We softened edges that are normally more harsh and really tried to create something that felt comfortable and classic, while also being super high quality,” Ariel says.

The Pillow Sofa is a prime example of this crisp yet relaxed look. With a slightly rounded silhouette and a fun welt seam detail along the cushions, it welcomes both cocktail parties and long naps. Paired with the bold travertine and white oak Strand Coffee Table, the 84-inch two-seater is a home run.