How do you divide a room with furniture? 8 clever ways

There are several ways you can divide a room with furniture but, first of all, it’s worth investigating why you would want to. Whether you live in a sprawling home or in a one-bedroom apartment, you can’t always construct a wall to add the structure some spaces need. Without this structure, open-concept spaces, or even just rooms on the larger side, can feel out of proportion, plus it gives you the opportunity to introduce different spaces for different tasks, or just to create a different atmosphere for certain areas within the same room. 

Furniture offers a way to bring these ideas in, without relying on the more classic room divider ideas which can be more intrusive in your space. With clever layout changes, transitional pieces, varied upholstery, and more, you can not only add to your dining, kitchen, or living room, but you can also create a soft, subtle partition, opening up the room to more functionality.