Getting the most out of your bathroom remodel

When you’re ready to ditch the shower/tub combo, molded plastic shower or whirlpool tub that just gathers dust, do your homework on how to get the custom, luxury shower oasis of your dreams. It’s a significant decision, and one you will likely live with for some time.

Todd Blinn, president of Pacific Bath Company, advises homeowners to consider these three factors in selecting a shower upgrade: product, installation services and warranties. His recommended checklist for decision-making is:

  • What is the quality of the product, and will it stand the test of time?
  • Will the company selling the product provide warranties for the product and parts, and will it still be in business when you need it?
  • Who is doing the installation work, and do they follow building codes and specifications? Is there a warranty for the workmanship?

The first decision is choosing your product.

“Your first concern should be a product that will prevent water from seeping behind the surface and causing rot,” he said. “You’ll also be looking for a product that is durable. Most of us would like to spend less time cleaning our bathrooms, so easy maintenance is a plus, as are antimicrobial materials.”

Blinn said Kohler, a company with 150 years in bathroom products, blends beauty with function in LuxStone Shower Systems. Pacific Bath Company is the exclusive Kohler-certified sales office and installer in Oregon and Washington. Unlike tile and travertine stone, LuxStone doesn’t require regular maintenance to keep a watertight seal and protect the appearance, he noted.

“LuxStone is a solid composite that is 70% crushed marble, so you get the gorgeous, sleek look without bacteria-harboring porous stone or tile, and no grout to clean or crumble,” he said. “It’s also non-staining and resists cracks or chips. These are American-engineered and -assembled products. We offer a lifetime warranty to the homeowner for the products because we’re that confident. No other company has that kind of guarantee.”

Kohler also has unique, patented accessories for LuxStone Shower Systems that are popular with homeowners, Blinn said.

“People love the recessed shower locker for keeping all your toiletries handy but out of sight,” he said. “The floating shelves are also popular and easy to clean. Our barres are elegant and don’t look like grab bars but are rated for up to 300 pounds.”

Multiple color options and styles have all been curated by designers and are fully customizable. LuxStone Shower Systems are designed to fit flush to the walls, creating space homeowners’ don’t realize they have, Blinn said. The low, 3-inch threshold makes the shower accessible for all ages.

“At Pacific Bath Company, we don’t just rip out a shower and leave the 30-year-old plumbing,” he said. “We install a new trap, drain, valve and polished metal Kohler fittings. People who have done their homework know that Kohler is synonymous with quality in the industry.”

Though it’s fun to pick out the colors and accessories for a personally designed shower, Blinn said to truly be happy with your product for years to come, installation practices and warranties should be critical in selecting your product.

“We can complete your new shower installation in two days or less with the critical difference of using a licensed plumber on every job,” Blinn said. “Some companies use the same carpenters that install the shower to rough in the drain and valve rather than using a trained plumber. This is an important difference if your shower ever leaks because your insurance likely won’t pay out for any damage if the work was done by a nonlicensed contractor.”

Having the Kohler-certification shows that the Pacific Bath Company installation team are professionals with extensive experience.

“We do everything by the book and documented,” Blinn said. “Plus, we offer a three-year warranty on the workmanship, which is very unusual in the industry.”

Pacific Bath Company makes the whole process of remodeling your shower affordable, quick, seamless and satisfying, he added.

“We offer many payment options, including no money down and no interest for a year, “Blinn said. “You are the creator and designer based on your needs and habits. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have chosen an industry-leading manufacturer in the USA who stands behind their products.”

When it’s time to upgrade your shower, see design and examples and learn more about Kohler LuxStone Shower Systems here.

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Getting the most out of your bathroom remodel