Does Your Living Room Furniture Need To Match?

There is nothing wrong with wanting a simple, curated living room that flows nicely and furniture that works well together. Owning a few pieces with the same make or model is fine and can help produce a serene backdrop for other items. With that in mind, you don’t want to have every chair, sofa, table, bookshelf, or footstool match completely. A room filled with identical items lacks depth and can become boring or monotonous. Adding in mixed mediums will help create dimension, producing a warm, inviting space that gives off the opposite vibe from an office building or other corporate setting.

That being said, this doesn’t mean you can’t build a cohesive aesthetic that blends nicely and produces a clean, non-chaotic space. Mixing furniture doesn’t have to produce an eclectic setting and can still work with minimalistic dynamics. To stick with a simple design despite mismatched furniture,¬†Mad About The House¬†says you should pick a palette with limited selections. Think black, white, and one splash of bright or bold color, or opt for a neutral theme that incorporates tan, beige, and brown. By sticking to an uncomplicated color scheme, you’re decreasing the business of many different hues and furnishings and making everything more cohesive.