Dear Kiantha: If decorating brings you joy, go for it – no matter the date on the calendar

Dear Kiantha,

As elections are right around the corner, I am feeling particularly stressed. I’m anxious about our country and need to do something calming to relax. I would like to decorate my home for the holidays but that seems silly and early. Any suggestions on what I could do to get through the next few weeks?

Dear Friend,

The short answer is decorate your home until your heart is content. It’s never too early to do something that brings you joy.

We are experiencing some tough times in our country with the ever-so-fragile political struggles we all see playing out in the media.

I have had four deaths in my life since September. Tragic unexpected death for three of the four people who died. I found myself needing a distraction, something that would require my focus. Guess what I decided to do? You guessed it, put up all of my Christmas decor.

As I unpacked each ornament and tree, I found myself humming Christmas jingles like my all-time favorite “Silent Night” – the Temptations version none the less. My humming turned to an outright concert when the lyrics said “All is calm and all is bright.”

I long for a world in which all is calm and all is bright for everyone. I believe that is what we hold close to our chest during the holidays. A belief that all can be calm and all can be bright.

There is no timeline that must be followed. Whenever your heart calls for something that brings you joy, go for it.

Hang the lights, the wreath and the mistletoe. There are so many big things in this life that we cannot control and the things that we can control can feel minuscule. If things deemed as small can offer you some relief, even if it is as tiny as seeing the lights on a tree, do it and do it now.

Good tidings, my friend.

Soul to soul,


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