Arranging Your Furniture A Certain Way May Help You Sleep Better

According to Sleep Junkie, 75% of people who said they slept soundly preferred the following layout: the bed up against a wall that doesn’t have a window or a door, with the television positioned on the opposite wall. However, while this is the preferred arrangement, some may desire to make some minor tweaks. For instance, if you enjoy waking up to sunlight streaming into your bedroom, you may prefer placing your bed closer to the window or even against the window. You could also place your television in the farthest corner instead of flat against the opposite wall, if that’s a better arrangement for your room’s layout. Or, maybe you don’t want a television in your bedroom at all, which could also improve your quality of sleep.

Apartment Guide gives some practical advice on arranging your furniture. They say to begin by deciding where your bed should be placed, since it’s most likely the biggest piece. From there, you can move down the line from the next largest piece to the smallest. If you have a cramped room, you should only use furniture you really need, which will most likely include your bed, a dresser, and side tables. Also, make sure that you don’t block any doors or walkways when arranging your furniture.