An Expert Explains The Best Ways To Organize Your Small Bedroom

Whether you’re working with a small double bed or a massive king-size bed, the bed is typically the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom. It’s also the focal point, which is why so many opt to style their bed with carefully chosen linens, throw pillows, and more. However, don’t overlook the bed as a place with plenty of sneaky storage.

“There are many ways to use under the bed storage,” advises Fisher. “Bed frames can be purchased with built in drawers. You can purchase drawers to be placed under the bed. You can use specially designed under bed storage containers. These even have wheels and a top where half the lid opens at a time so you don’t have to completely remove it to access your items.”

It may be a bit of an investment to either purchase a new bed frame with built in storage or an assortment of under bed storage containers, but the amount of additional storage space it provides is invaluable. Better yet, since everything is tucked away underneath you, all those items aren’t even visible while you’re laying in bed. For¬†those who are worried about under bed storage solutions that aren’t aesthetically appealing, don’t worry. “If you can see under your bed and you are hesitant to use plastic, you can purchase a decorative basket,”¬†Fisher recommends.