A standing desk is perfect for small spaces

In today’s day and age of at least partial remote work for most people, the need for a comfortable and quality home workspace is as prevalent as ever. No longer is an un-ergonomic chair at the dining table acceptable now that your at-home work situation is likely long-term. Enter: FlexiSpot, a company that specializes in ergonomic office furniture.

Healthcare professionals have long lamented the fact that sitting too much is generally bad for your overall physical health. This is why standing desks (and under-desk treadmills) can be beneficial, even if you only stand for certain periods and not your entire work day. I first became familiar with FlexiSpot’s office furniture lineup when they offered to send me the Theodore Standing Desk for my home office at my old apartment, which I’ve loved using for the last year and a half.

FlexiSpot Standing Desk Review

Theodore Standing Desk-48

After moving into a new house, the team reached out to me again about trying out another product. Now that we had additional space for it, I decided to take him up on it if they had a more compact desk option to keep in our guest room, where we had less room to work with the bedroom furniture already in it. Not only would it allow guests to comfortably work from home if visiting, but my husband, Omar, also often works on videography and photography projects at home outside of his day job and has been wanting to have another workspace option if I’m busy in my own office.

FlexiSpot Standing Desk Size

Unsurprisingly, the company immediately had a smaller desk option to recommend with the FlexiSpot E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk, which we chose to receive with a 48 x 30-inch black tabletop and black frame. (You’ll have a choice of four desktop sizes to choose from when purchasing. The frame width is adjustable from 43.4” to 74.8”, which is compatible with desk boards sized from 47.2” to 80” in width.) 

Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7)

Just like with the Theodore desk, we had to assemble the desk ourselves. However, this one was a bit easier to maneuver and move upstairs to its designated space since the parts came in separate boxed shipments. In the middle of this process, we realized the company had sent the wrong size tabletop, which wasn’t compatible with the frame. However, FlexiSpot’s customer service team was very easy to communicate with and they immediately arranged to send the correct one within a few days. Once it arrived, it only took Omar about an hour to assemble.